The programs designed at Omni Fitt help the senior population improve quality improve quality of life, maintain independence, and reduce the risk of chronic disease. This alternative approach addresses a growing and active aging population by offering safe, effective and enjoyable exercise solutions that meet their specific needs.

The Omni Fitt programs are available in your home for personal training and facilities in Toronto. All the programs are designed by Active Aging Specialists or Omni Fitt founder Eric Daw

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Eric Daw

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Do you want to improve how you perform in everyday tasks? Do you want more Strength, Coordination, Balance and Feel better than you ever have?

OMNI-FITT makes Living Easier through personal training programs that accomplish your goals in a manner that is safe,fun,physically and mentally stimulating.

OMNI-FITT offers full service training to people with the goal of improving their overall well being with trained staff meeting your wellness needs.


Eric founded his company Omni Fitt in 2009. Omni Fitt is dedicated to the wellbeing, health and quality of life of people aged 55 and over. Omni Fitt motivates and empowers the older adult population to take responsibility for their independence, health and fitness through motivating and positive coaching experiences.Eric is recognized for his creative programs, professionalism, dedication and the positive contributions he makes to the community. He has a Psychology degree and certifications as a Personal trainer and Older Adult specialist. Eric has studied a wide variety of approaches and is continually focused on providing the best programs for the clients that he serves.Vitality, Wellness and Movement are issues in health that affect all of us. OMNI-FITT provides a service that caters to older adults.


Eric Daw as a personal trainer observed that with exercise, older adults had increased energy, felt generally better and had a greater ability to function throughout the day. Consequently in 2009 with his experience as an Older Adult Specialist he developed programs that not only addressed these needs but ways to improve how people performed in everything they set their minds to.Today OMNI-FITT is focused on getting people to experience the most out of life; with this approach, we don’t see getting older as a disadvantage but an opportunity to maintain who you are and discover how much more you could be.Eric’s alternative approach offers a fun and safe environment with a focus on balance and coordination. His expertise and sense of compassion allow him to assist older adults in facing the many challenges associated with aging.

Making Life Easier requires commitment. Workouts are targeted for older adults who want to continue to perform their daily activities at a high level, slow down the process of aging and increase their overall well being in a safe environment; personal training is done in your home or groups in desirable locations in the Toronto area. You have nothing to lose than better balance, coordination, strength and mobility.

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Current Group Programs are:

St.Leonards Anglican Church (click to see map)
Grace Church on the Hill (click to see map)
St.Giles Kingsway Presbyterian Church (click to see map)
Rosedale Presbyterian Church(click to see map)
St.Bonaventure Church (click to see map)
Trace Manes Community Centre (click to see map)
Beach United Church (click to see map)

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What others are saying

We are enjoying your exercise program very much, and hope that we can persuade some our friends to join too.It suits our needs very well, and you always explain each movement with such good humour.

– Betty Ann

Omni-Fitt’s exercise program suits us perfectly,moving seemlessly from gentle warm-up exercises to more serious challenges that seem to involve every part of the body without strain or pain, but one does feels those muscles.There’s good balance of stretching, balancing, and improving eye/hand coordination. With limited equipment and considerable variety an hour flies by almost without notice,and makes one feel so good.

– Helen B


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