Our Schedule


11:10 am  Rosedale Prebyterian Church(129 Mount Pleasant Rd, Toronto)
1:00  pm   St. Leonards Anglican Church(25 Wanless Ave, Toronto)





10:30 am Grace Church on the Hill(300 Lonsdale Rd,Toronto)
1:00 pm  St.Giles Kingsway Presbyterian Church(15 Lambeth Rd, Toronto)


10:00 am  St.Bonaventure Church(1300 Leslie St, Toronto)
12:10 pm  Trace Manes Community Centre(110 Ramsey Rd, East York)


9:30 am  Beach United Church(140 Wineva Ave, Toronto)

Current Group Programs are:

St.Leonards Anglican Church(click to see map)
Grace Church on the Hill(click to see map)
St.Giles Kingsway Presbyterian Church(click to see map)
Rosedale Presbyterian Church(click to see map)
St.Bonaventure Church(click to see map)
Trace Manes Community Centre(click to see map)
Beach United Church(click to see map)

Phone: 416-450-0892

Email:  theomnifitt@gmail.com

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