Do you want to stay Strong and Independent?

Our program allows you to live an active life by improving key areas of your basic fitness-

  • Strength
  • Balance
  • Co-ordination

No equipment needed -we bring everything to get a great workout!

Put Your Best Foot Forward With Personal Training Services

As we all get a little older we want to remain active and keep up a level of fitness that allows us to keep up with our children and grandchildren or get out and about. We all have activities and hobbies that we want to carry on with and a high level of fitness is desirable.

Omni-fitt provides personal training services that allow you to feel young again! Our services are specifically designed to allow you to carry out your daily tasks long into retirement.

Wellness Coaching

Strength Training

Get fit and stay fit to lead an active life!

We work with you to make sure you are happy with how things are going and how to make improvements that will make a real difference to you.By gaining confidence in these key areas you can go about your daily life with more movement and the self-assurance that you are fitter and stronger after every session.

Get in touch today to schedule a free at home assessment and let us help you to get fit, stay fit and remain independent.

Are you looking for the best personal training services to get fit?

Do you want or need to maintain your active lifestyle as you get older?

Do you want to improve your Balance?

“Omni-Fitt’s exercise program suits us perfectly,moving seemlessly from gentle warm-up exercises to more serious challenges that seem to involve every part of the body without strain or pain, but one does feels those muscles.There’s good balance of stretching, balancing, and improving eye/hand coordination. With limited equipment and considerable variety an hour flies by almost without notice,and makes one feel so good.”

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