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Personal Training Services
Are You Ready?

Do you want to improve your performance in everyday tasks?

Do you want more Strength, Coordination, Balance and Feel better than you ever have? Our Workouts are targeted for older adults who want to continue to perform their daily activities at a high level, slow down the process of aging.

OMNI-FITT makes Living Easier through personal training programs.

Our Programs accomplish your goals in a manner that is safe, fun, physically and mentally stimulating.

OMNI-FITT offers full service training to people with the goal of improving their overall well-being.

Our trained staff meeting your wellness needs.

Making Life Easier requires commitment.  Personal training is done in your home or groups in desirable locations in the Toronto area.

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A must class to attend to refrain from losing your stability has you age.
Very define exercises given by a most knowledgable and caring instructor, Eric Daw.
Would recommend to seniors of all ages.
Eric leads the co-ed class using humour and encouragement.  It is primarily a stretch and balance class with some brain sharpening exercises.    I enjoy his class very much, although I generally dislike exercise, and the participants are all lovely and welcoming.  If you want to learn some good fitness routines, many of which you can do on your own, let Eric show you the way.
My husband and I have been attending one of Eric’s classes for seniors faithfully for almost five years now. We definitely owe our improved level of fitness to his excellent program that focuses chiefly on balance and coordination, two key factors in caring for an aging body. Eric encourages us at times to push a little harder, but always respects each person’s ability to handle the exercise. At the end of each class he always takes a few minutes to inform or remind us about an aspect (mostly posture) of our bodies and the need to be active, as well ...
Eric is an amazing instructor.  He is aware of the strengths and weaknesses of each individual in his class.  His emphasis is on balance, stretching, posture and the brain.  As a class we all benefit from his knowledge and his sense of humour. I have participated in his classes for many years and my posture and balance continue to improve under his instruction.
Omni-Fitt is great. Eric Daw gives us a good workout with exercises to improve strength, co-ordination and balance. He makes the class fun and he encourages us to participate at our own best pace by giving us options for each exercise. I would highly recommend this class
Betty Ann
We are enjoying your exercise program very much, and hope that we can persuade some our friends to join too.It suits our needs very well, and you always explain each movement with such good humour. There’s good balance of stretching, balancing, and improving eye/hand coordination.


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