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Staying active as an elderly helps you to easily manage different conditions that come with age. It also increases your strength and keeps you feeling good and young at heart. It is a great way to relieve stress and keep your body’s functions on the right track.

The best part is that you don’t need to leave the comfort of your home for these benefits. You can intentionally stay active at home by engaging in activities that feel right for you. Here is a quick look at different ways you can stay active at home as a senior.

Do Some Housework

Doing housework is one of the simplest ways for seniors to stay active at home. Going about your daily chores in your house will have a great effect on your health. It allows you to get things done while losing some calories. 

In addition to burning calories, doing your housework will have a significant effect on your brain and memory. Studies have shown that daily household chores can boost brain health in the elderly.

So, schedule some time daily to get involved in some of your housework. To help you stay comfortable, get some easy to put on compression socks for elderly. They’ll make it easier for you to stand and move around for longer while facilitating blood flow. 

Burst Some Dance Moves

Moving to the beats of your favorite music is another great way to keep you physically active at home. Dancing allows you to burn calories, improve your posture, coordination, and relieve stress.

You can dance alone or with a partner to keep things more interesting. In addition, you could join online dance classes that you can access from the comfort of your home. 

Enrolling in these dance classes tailored for seniors will expose you to new moves and keep things interesting. 

Try Yoga 

Get out your yoga mat and move through some easy stretches that will help you improve your flexibility and mobility. Practicing slower-paced yoga moves is a great way to stay active in the comfort of your home.

You can try out yoga for seniors on YouTube and enjoy moving through poses that feel right for your body. In addition, you could try chair yoga for seniors to relieve any extra stress on your legs, knees, and joints.

Chair yoga is a great relief to help you stay active while ensuring that you stay safe and work to meet your body’s needs. 

Workout With Elderly-Specific Workout Videos

There are different workouts on platforms like YouTube tailored for seniors to ensure that they are manageable. You can start working out with such videos to help you burn calories and keep your body active.

You could also hire the help of a personal trainer who specializes in working with seniors and crafting plans that meet their specific needs. Your trainer can make house calls or attend training classes online. 

Lift Weights

Investing in a few weights and setting up a mini-home gym is a great idea. Weights will help you maintain muscle and increase your bone strength. In addition, increasing your strength will help you with arthritis.

So, start with smaller weights to ensure that they are right for you. Over time, you can invest in heavier weights if your body can handle a greater challenge. When lifting weights, it is important to keep the right form to avoid injuries and delays to your body’s fitness. 

Ride a Stationary Bike

Riding a stationary bike is a great alternative especially if you have chronic pain and cannot move around for too long. A stationary bike will ease the stress on your joints and legs allowing you to stay active. 

In addition, it will help keep your heart healthy and increase your body’s endurance. You can ride your bike while watching something to engage and entertain you through your sessions. 

Melissa Waltz has always been recognized for her health and wellness knowledge and gained her knack for sharing this knowledge when first asked to ghostwrite for a friend’s nutrition blog. That’s when she realized her love for writing and she began to create articles on holistic nutrition utilizing her educational background in Nutritional Science. While working in the health industry for over a decade, she has grown into an experienced writer who likes to simplify any science-based jargon into reader-friendly language.

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