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Some people may think that growing older means getting rid of daily fitness routines and habits altogether. In fact, about 28% of adults, aged 50 and older, are actually inactive when it comes to physical activity. However, it’s very important to stay active throughout life no matter how old you are, in order to stay healthy. Modifying your fitness regime as you age is a great way to accommodate your body as you get older and still stay fit–even if it means staying at home.

From mountain climbing to walking

As you age, you might notice your body is going through some major changes. From developing chronic pains to digestion issues and weak bones, physical activity can help. While hiking, mountain climbing, and other strenuous activities might have been fun when you were younger, adapting your fitness routine to make you more comfortable as you age can do wonders for your health–all while not overworking yourself. That being said, there are many ways that are still highly enjoyable, relaxing, refreshing to stay fit while aging with fitness.

Walking is a great activity for any age, and is often one that is overlooked. No matter how old you are, a brisk morning walk can be a great alternative to the rigorous morning trail run. Walking is not only a great way to stay in shape, but it can be done anywhere, and for any amount of time, allowing the activity to adapt to your lifestyle needs easily. Not only that, walking daily can keep you moving, meaning it can help your bones stay strong, ease your joint pain, and even prevent occasional constipation due to medications.

Tai Chi can also be a great substitution to make in your workout routine. With the slow, relaxing movements and a surprising amount of health benefits, you’ll wonder why you haven’t picked up Tai Chi sooner. The ancient martial art is great for improving cognition in older adults, and can even help to lower the risk of falling by improving coordination. Tai Chi can also help improve the symptoms that come along with fibromyalgia and COPD–and boost your mood.

Moving your fitness routine indoors

Another great way continue aging with fitness is to move it completely into your house. Working out from home can not only be a great way to stay fit, but it can also make you feel more comfortable–not to mention there are plenty of beneficial exercises that can be done right from home. If you can, dedicating a specific room to your fitness is a great way to keep your workout regime separate from your personal life.

Aging can be a pain–literally. Between the chronic back pain and arthritis, you might not feel like keeping a fitness regime in your routine at all. However, by modifying your fitness regime as you age, you’re sure to stay fit and healthy with ease.

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