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There’s a distinct nip in the air hinting to us that the Canadian winter is right around the corner. For Canadian seniors, the imminent winter conditions can pose a myriad of safety concerns both inside and outside the house. All too often the elderly end up in the emergency room with severe injuries that can be attributed to winter-related accidents. It is vital to protect both yourself and your senior loved ones from any possible hazards this winter. One way to guarantee such protection is in the form of personalized fitness classes or exercise for seniors, which will go a long way in keeping a senior fit and feeling fabulous during winter. 

While exercise is essential for everyone all through the year, it is especially important for seniors who reside in the colder parts of Canada to continue being active throughout the winter. During the colder months, getting out and about to exercise can be more difficult than normal due to the weather conditions but luckily there are many at-home activities that the elderly can take part in. For exercise for seniors who may need a bit extra motivation, it may be a good idea to enroll in a local fitness where they can workout and interact with like-minded individuals. Working out in winter has several benefits including a boosted immune system, and an increase in senior home safety as the risk of slips and fall are reduced. 

Lift weights

There are countless benefits to lifting weights for seniors. A weight-training program improves bone density, assists with weight management and increases muscle strength. Weight lifting also has the additional benefit of being a low-impact exercise for seniors that puts minimal strain on the various joints of the body. The key to lifting weights is to complete a handful of sets of repetitions.

Try yoga

Yoga is a very peaceful and relaxing exercise that provides 3 distinct benefits to seniors.  By practicing yoga, you may reduce the risk of osteoporosis, help strengthen your bones and also lose some weight. Yoga is especially appealing to someone who is not comfortable with using weights. Other benefits of yoga include alleviating aches and pains and reduce your risk of depression which is very useful during the colder months when many seniors tend to suffer from the winter blues.

Fight stress – gently

Practicing tai chi is a very effective way to gently engage in exercise as well as reduce the stress in your life. Tai chi is perfect for seniors as it is a graceful exercise that promotes inner calmness through a series of gentle movements.  There are various advantages of taking part in tai chi during the colder months. These benefits include improved sleep, improved flexibility, increased energy and stamina and a reduced risk of falls. Tai chi can either be performed in the privacy of your own home or you sign up for classes led by a seasoned professional. 

It is of vital importance to stay active during winter, to stay healthy and reduce the risk of illness and injury. Make sure to consult your doctor before starting any new exercise routine to rule out any harmful underlying conditions.

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