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One of the ironies of trying to remain healthy during the pandemic was that it often meant staying home and staying sedentary. Now that transmission rates are down and cities have opened back up, there’s still some uncertainty among seniors who had to be extra-careful about going out. But being active and staying social are really important for seniors to stay healthy. Read on for some senior health tips.

Move to Get Healthy

  • Improve your strength and balance with an Omni-Fitt fitness program.
  • Light exercise helps maintain muscle mass and bone density while promoting balance and good mental health.
  • Dancing decreases the likelihood of depression while reducing joint pain.
  • Yoga increases strength and endurance while decreasing stress and anxiety.
  • Swimming and water exercises promote good heart health without putting stress on bones and joints.
  • Want to work out in a home gym? Find a reliable contractor to renovate your basement (expect to pay at least $23K). 

Eat Well to Get Healthy 

  • Nutrients are important for seniors and keeping to specialized diets can help them live longer, happier lives.
  • Healthy food choices can help alleviate age-related maladies.
  • Want to take a night off from cooking? Order a healthy pre-made meal from a food delivery service. 

Socialize to Stay Healthy

  • Socialization is good for seniors’ mental and physical health. It also boosts the immune system.
  • Seniors were in on the Zoom trend. It’s likely they’ll continue to use video phone apps for virtual face-to-face visits with faraway friends and family members.
  • Find new ways to socialize, including visiting a senior center, volunteering, or playing a senior-friendly game or sport.

Seniors are eager to get back out and enjoy life after one of the most harrowing times in decades. Light exercise, a healthy diet, and social activities are all important to seniors’ well-being. 

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