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So it’s safe to say that your life has had a big change over the last several weeks. Some of this change has affected simple things like spending time with friends and family, shopping for groceries, and how active you are. I have noticed specifically how much being at home has made me less active in general. So my question is, “How is it affecting you with a quarantine?” We already know it’s important for everyone to stay active, but for seniors, in particular, it’s crucial. If you can still get out and take a walk or do exercise outside that’s great, but if not, I will provide 5 ways seniors can stay active at home with little or no equipment

1. Use What You Already Have – Do you have cans of soup at home? How about cans of anything? The reason I say cans is because they weigh something and are easy to hold and provide a good substitute for weights. Do you have a cloth shopping bag? Shopping bags are great to load things that weigh something so you can do exercises like squats, rows or deadlifts
2. Use Your Seats – If you go to a gym, people do a lot of exercises with just a bench. However, since none of us are going to gyms, why don’t you use your couches or chairs as exercise equipment? If you look at the video, I am able to do exercises like planks, glute bridges, or sit and stand squats with the seats you already have.
3. Do you live in a building or home with stairs? – I use stairs all the time as workout equipment. You can do exercises like step-ups (see picture) or just a plain old cardio workout by walking up and down the stairs





4. Just need a Floor- Some of the best exercises seniors can do involve being able to get on and off the floor. Some of my favourite exercises are floor exercises like planks, glute bridges, prone cobras which only require you to get on the floor
5. Balance Training requires no equipment – Last but not least, we never need equipment to do balance training. If you stand beside a wall, you can use it to practice your balance (ex. single leg stand). Why don’t you incorporate balance training in activities you do throughout your day like brushing your teeth and standing in a tandem stance or on one foot?

I can’t predict how long this quarantine will be, but at least I can give you a few ideas on what to do in the time being. If you are doing other creative things to stay active, please share in the comments.

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