When it comes to having good posture, I have heard that all you need to do is sit up/stand up straight. Well, I’m not saying that’s the worst advice you could be given, but I think you should do more than that.  Developing bad posture isn’t only a matter of not consciously telling yourself to stand up straight, but what you have trained your body to do over an extended period. As we get older gravity wants to pull us closer to the ground, which means a weaker back and rounded shoulders.  To help combat gravity and improve your posture, try these 3 exercises.

1. Wall Angel- The Wall angel is a great exercise that helps improve the range of motion in your shoulders and your posture. In order to do this exercise well, you need to keep your heels, hips, and elbows against the wall while you slide your arms up and down.  My advice is to try 10 repetitions and only work within a comfortable range of motion, where your elbows stay against the wall.

2. Shoulder Ext. Rotations- While keeping your elbows tucked inside your body, rotate your arms outward.  If your elbows leave your body as you rotate, that means you have gone too far.  Try 15- 20 repetitions

3. Chest Stretch- Most of us need to stretch our chest.  Doing chest stretches provides the balance after working our rear shoulder and back muscles. Hold your stretch on each side for 30-60 seconds.

While there are more exercises that I could suggest to improve your posture, start with these 3.  Ultimately as long as you do these 3 exercises on a regular basis, it will be better than just sitting or standing up straight.  Also for a visual description of these exercises, please watch the video below.



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