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As a Personal Trainer that works with seniors, the topic of posture is a popular one. I like to focus on posture because it affects breathing, balance and pretty much anytime you move. While exercise is an excellent remedy, your habits may also be killing your posture. Since we all make many of these habits that may be killing your posture, I will share the most common ones and what we can do about it.

Extended sitting – I know it sounds simple, but stand up. The thing about extended sitting is that it encourages you to round your back and not be in an upright body position. Extended sitting may be killing your posture because most of us sit for far too long. If you sit for more than 20 minutes at a time, stand up for 30 seconds, it will increase blood flow and get you out of a poor body position.

Technology- Most of the time when I think of poor posture and technology, the image of people on smartphones with their head bent forward is most common. While this image is true for many younger people, I have noticed with the seniors I work with, many of them also have smart phones and tablets like iPads. If you have a smartphone, focus on using it where you don’t have to bend your head forward for extended periods. For tablets, an incredible solution for reducing a forward head position would be to use it with a case that can elevate it, or put something under it that achieves a similar thing.

3. Physical Activity- I have said this in other articles, however, concentrate on form with regards to posture. If you are lifting objects with your back and not your legs, it will affect your posture over time. Also, if you are lifting objects with bad posture, you will most likely hurt yourself when the load becomes too heavy.

While I always recommend getting stronger and exercising when it comes to improving posture, take a look at the activities you do every day. I’m sure if you look hard enough, there will be a few that may be killing your posture.

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