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4 out of 5 Baby Boomers confirm that they are taking bold steps to feel young and remain that way, which explains why the anti-aging industry continues to grow, according to The Globe and Mail Inc. From creams, surgeries, and lifestyle changes, there are many approaches to make your facial skin look younger, as age trickles in. One natural method that is increasingly gaining popularity is the use of facial exercise, sometimes known as facial yoga to reduce wrinkles. It involves doing exercises that contract and stretch muscles on your neck and face. Megan Markle, Jennifer Aniston, and Madonna are celebrities who confirm that they do facial yoga daily and can attest to the great benefits of this anti-aging approach.

How facial yoga works

Unlike other body parts, the muscles on your face are attached to your skin, which is the reason why the face is so expressive. Making facial expressions throughout the day facilitates the formation of wrinkles and saggy skin. Millions of seniors strive to remove these wrinkles using skin creams and other conventional methods. Facial exercises smoothen these wrinkles by tightening the muscles around the surface. Besides, they promote blood circulation, which in turn gets more oxygen to the skin cells, making them look more vibrant and younger. Additionally, face yoga boosts the production of elastin and collagen, which is the main structural protein of the connective tissues.

How to do face yoga

One great thing about facial exercises is that you do not need any supplies to get started. Without any training, you can do it from your bedroom and throughout your schedule. Meghan Markle told Cheat Sheet that she wakes up before dawn and kicks the day off with green juice and yoga stretches. However, it is a good idea to seek the services of a professional facial yogi if you have the time and ability.

You should perform facial yoga at least 6 days a week, doing sessions of about 30 minutes a day for optimal results. While this may seem like a huge commitment, you will start to see positive results quickly, generally from about 2 weeks. The V is a common technique used to rectify drooping eyelids and is good for eyelids and puffiness. Use the middle fingers to press the inner corners of the eyebrows and the index fingers to apply pressure on the outer corners. Look to the ceiling and raise the lower eyelids to assume a strong squint before relaxing. Repeat this for about 6 times and end the exercise by squeezing eyes shut for 15 seconds.

Inevitably, the skin changes as the years advance, resulting in wrinkles and sagging skin. Seniors who make time for facial yoga have a high chance of retaining a youthful look during any season of the year. The art of facial massage is broad, and you can keep adding more techniques as you gain experience. You can also enhance your look by adding natural oils and creams to your routine, depending on your specific needs.

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