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What I have noticed from speaking with many seniors that I work with, is that they have very similar life patterns. Typically they have lived in a family home for many years and at some point as the kids have moved on, or the size of the house became unnecessarily big; they downsized to either a condominium or a senior living community. In some of the cases it made sense to move, however in others, I could sense that those seniors would have delayed the decision on whether to stay at home. For seniors who want to delay the decision to move and stay at home a little longer, please read these three points.

Devise a home workout plan- While I am a big advocate of seniors joining group exercise programs or going out and getting personal trainers, you can likewise influence the workout to come to you. Personally, I train seniors in their homes, whether it is in their living rooms, gyms or any available spaces they may have. People are often surprised how much you can accomplish with limited space and equipment in executing an effective exercise program.

Only use help when needed- seniors who continue to do their regular activities will probably have the capacity to keep up their strength. For example, a senior who continues to use the stairs instead of getting a chair lift, presumably will be able to keep their leg strength, and not be forced to move based on difficulty in climbing stairs.

Declutter your home- when you live somewhere for a long time, most people are guilty of having a home that needs to be decluttered. The reason it is probably best for seniors to have a decluttered home is, clutter can become tripping hazards. With the fact that seniors are most likely to have a fall at home and falls being potentially tragic, I urge seniors to dispose of the stuff you do not need.

While there may come the point that you may need to downsize or move away from home you have lived in for many years; it is possible to delay it. With a few changes and help when you need it, home doesn’t have to come with a change of address.

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