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As the temperature increases, most people are more active during the summer months than during the winter. Seniors are usually no different because I see that many engage in a wide range of activities from walking, playing tennis, lawn bowling, gardening or just enjoying the nice weather. The one thing that comes with increased activity is perspiration, and if you are already dehydrated it may cause a few problems. So while it is vital for everybody to drink water, particularly, why is it  critical for seniors to be hydrated?

1.Some people don’t sense that they are thirsty- Many people don’t know this, but as we get older it becomes harder to recognize the sensation of thirst. As I specified before, if you are already dehydrated and you can’t recognize when you need water, it could lead to fainting or passing out.

2. Our ability to conserve water is reduced- Not only do we have more difficulty recognizing when we are thirsty, but it becomes harder to hold the water that is now within us. Since many seniors use medications, they can cause a greater increase in your need to urinate. A simple recommendation that I give to individuals is to stroll around with a water bottle throughout the day and even in circumstances where you leave home.

3.Can help fix secondary issues caused by dehydration- because many people are dehydrated, it may cause other health issues. Some secondary issues that drinking more water can alleviate headaches, cramping and sleepiness or lethargy. Most adults need 64 ounces of fluid per day, but that number goes up the more active you are.

Ways For Seniors To Be Hydrated

Eat food with a high water content ( e.g. tomatoes, watermelon, and cucumber)
Carry water bottle with you all day
Add Lemon or Cucumber to water to give flavour for those who don’t like the taste of plain water,
Dilute your drinks like fruit juices ( Try half and Half)

As someone who encourages people to stay active, when there is good weather you should take full advantage. Just make sure that whatever activity you are involved in, you don’t leave your water bottle at home.

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