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One of the things that I do is teach a class for seniors that only sit to exercise (see picture). If you have seen other pictures I’ve posted, the range of abilities of each person/group could be very different. Making the biggest challenge to effectively train people regardless of their physical ability to exercise. If you wonder if you can exercise based on your current state, let me give you some advice. Let the workout/exercise meet you where you are. Here’s how

Modify – The ability to modify is the biggest difference between a potentially great workout and a bad one. For example a lot of seniors can’t do pushups from the ground (that’s fine). An easy modification is to do wall pushups. The main reason I use this example is to say that there are many ways to do the same exercise without sacrificing your workout. I suggest that you treat exercise as a way to discover your personal limitations/abilities, then plan accordingly.

Be Creative – Some seniors I work with have trouble holding weights (eg. arthritis). If you have ankle/hand weights that you can strap around your wrists/ankles, why don’t you try this? I will tell you a little secret, all of us have something with our body that either hurts or doesn’t work as well as it used to. Being creative with exercise means to embrace your issues without letting them stop you from exercise.

Know your body – Knowing your body means that you shouldn’t do some exercises. For example, particularly when someone has recently had a hip replacement, doing certain cross legged stretches are not always a good idea. Not doing certain exercises because it can be worse for you, is always a good idea. 🙂

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