Do you want to stay Strong and Independent?

Our program allows you to live an active life by improving key areas of your basic fitness-

  • Strength
  • Balance
  • Co-ordination

No equipment needed -we bring everything to get a great workout!

Body Balance

The Brain, Body, Balance Program originally designed by Eric Daw, is a fusion of the most important elements of senior fitness; strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, and posture.

This program also combines exercise with a mental aspect that is great for seniors in regards to brain health, memory and cognitive functioning.

Omni-fitt provides personal training services that allow you to feel young again! Our services are specifically designed to allow you to carry out your daily tasks long into retirement.

Wellness Coaching

The Video Presentation


Small Group Training

Get fit and stay fit to lead an active life!

Using both Floor and Standing Exercises, Small Group Training is great for using functional exercises that replicate real-life activities. Also, we modify the exercises so that Older Adults with different physical challenges like knee/hip replacements, can still take place in the program.

Taking Part in the Small Group Training, gives an Older Adult a more individualized program, with the benefit of working with a group.

Are you looking for the best personal training services to get fit?

Do you want or need to maintain your active lifestyle as you get older?

Do you want to improve your Balance?

“Omni-Fitt’s exercise program suits us perfectly,moving seemlessly from gentle warm-up exercises to more serious challenges that seem to involve every part of the body without strain or pain, but one does feels those muscles.There’s good balance of stretching, balancing, and improving eye/hand coordination. With limited equipment and considerable variety an hour flies by almost without notice,and makes one feel so good.”

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