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For many seniors, keeping fit and well after they retire is extremely important. It’s estimated that by 2036, 25% of Canada’s population will be seniors. Health problems are more likely as you get older, but these are far less likely if you look after yourself. Exercise is good for the heart and can help keep depression at bay. The gym is for everybody, and it is an all-inclusive place to go and exercise. It is additionally an amazingly social place, and that is a big motivator when you are working out.

Working with a personal trainer

Signing up for some sessions with a personal trainer is a great way to get started if you are a  senior and new to the gym. A personal trainer can show you how to build muscle safely to help make you more agile and flexible. In the early days, when going to the gym is becoming part of your routine, it helps to have someone to motivate you and show you the ropes. A personal trainer can show you how to improve your balance, coordination and strength; you don’t even need to use any specialist equipment. They can give you a goal to work towards and help you to attain personal targets.

Working out with friends

Going to the gym is very much part of the social senior scene. It is common to see groups of friends that have done a class in the morning, then enjoying a healthy lunch together before going on to a gentle swim in the afternoon. Seniors are taking care of themselves and each other. It is an incredible place to meet new friends and do some exercise with like-minded people. Having a gym buddy will motivate you to stick to your workout goals. You’re far less likely to cancel your gym session if you’re meeting a gym buddy, and it is fun to exercise with someone else.

Join some classes

Organized gym classes are a great way to stay motivated, sign up for a course and make a habit of attending every week. It’s likewise an excellent opportunity to try something new. 33% of Canadians make fitness their resolution at the start of the year. Those resolutions are promises to ourselves to improve our health and stamina. Going to the gym can not only make you fitter, yet, it can enhance all aspect of your life. The gym is a sociable, happy and supportive place for seniors.

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