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As the days get shorter and the weather gets colder, many of us tend to hibernate. Some of our reasons for not being active are justified such as: “I can’t do many of the outdoor activities that I love like gardening” or “It’’s too cold and icy to walk outside”. Although I understand that being active during the winter months can create safety concerns, I suggest finding ways to work around the problem.  Here are 3 ways to encourage staying active even during winter when the temperature drops below zero.

  1. Mall walking: If you go to any mall before shopping hours during the winter months you will probably notice that there are many seniors already there. Mall walking is good because it eliminates a few of the major problems we have with winter which is the cold, snow and slipping on ice when walking. I would also encourage you to use the stairs if the mall has more than one floor because there are added benefits to doing stairs as part of your workout.
  1. Join an indoor program: Whether it is group training or personal training, there are a multitude of programs that are indoor and can keep you active.  Look for a program that addresses a particular need you have whether it be strength, balance, cardio or core strength because they are qualities that are applicable to activities of daily living.
  1. Embrace winter: Winter sports such as skiing and skating are always great options for being active when you live in Canada.  Also on days that are not icy, continue to walk outside but make sure that you are properly bundled up.

Winter doesn’t mean you can’t be active outside it just means that you either embrace it or find an activity to do indoors.  Although winter is right around the corner; resist the urge to hibernate until its all over. For those of us who are not going south for the winter, I suggest making the most of it until the spring.

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